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Daryl Coyne Chiropractor at Tuam Therapy Centre

Daryl Coyne BSc (Chiro) DC

N17 Business Park, Galway Road, Tuam

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Daryl Coyne has worked with the European Golf Tour for over 10 years.
Daryl has worked with 100's of tour players including sixteen
world number 1 golfers and four European Ryder Cup teams.

Daryl now works from Tuam Therapy Centre at N17 Business Park in Tuam.

Chiropractic Association of Ireland

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Daryl has a keen interest is reducing injury risk and developing a platform to build on with regard to strength and power training. He has also presented papers to conferences on golf biomechanics and strength & conditioning for golf.

He has extensive post graduate training and is certified in Physical Fitness and Conditioning for Sport. This emphasized the need to screen all players and promote exercise prescription to achieve a base level of fitness.

He is certified in Functional Movement Screening, Selective Functional Movement Screening, Kinesiotaping and Cognitive Functional Therapy for persistent pain.

Daryl is registered with his governing body, The Chiropractic Association of Ireland.

Daryl has previously worked at Eyre Chiropractic Clinic Loughrea, County Galway and Rathmichael Chiropractic Centre, Shankill, County Dublin.